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Often tired, depressed or even burnout? Balance in your life starts in the brain


In life, everything revolves around maintaining a balance. Between work and private life, for example. Or between relaxation and effort. If this balance gets disturbed, sooner or later you will experience the negative consequences. You feel mentally and physically uncomfortable, you overstep yourself, you have little energy, you sometimes feel dejected or depressed and eventually you get a burn-out. Recognisable?

In such cases, general practitioners and psychologists often recommend taking it easy for a while. Unfortunately, this is not a structural solution. The imbalance that you may be experiencing in your life at the moment, starts in the brain. Brain Balance stands for changing your brain, through which you can also improve your mindset, habits and behaviour patterns. Thus, through Brain Balance, you can start living the life of your dreams more and more.

This is how it works. Your brain is made up of different areas, which have been built on top of each other, as it were, over the course of evolution. The oldest brain area is the reptile brain, also called the primal brain. This part of the brain controls vital bodily functions such as breathing and reacts instinctively and automatically. Above this is the limbic brain, which regulates emotions and feelings and tries to avoid pain and confrontation.

Together, these two brain areas are the main drivers of your unconscious system. Then there are the evolutionarily younger parts of the brain. These are responsible for your conscious system. The neocortex takes care of reason and logical thinking, while the prefrontal cortex helps you make decisions and plans on a daily basis. A balance between these conscious and unconscious systems is necessary for you to be able to function pleasantly and optimally in your life.

Charlotte Labee - Your brain in balance


In my lecture Brain Balance in Business, I will show you how you can link a happier life to a higher profit with the right management processes from your brain. In a surprising way, I demonstrate how balance in the workplace is only possible as a result of balance in your brain. Only then can you as an entrepreneur achieve the right flow and successfully pursue your goals.

Based on the Golden Growth method, which I developed myself, I use an effective step-by-step plan to regain the balance in your entrepreneurial life. As a Brain Balance expert and a specialist in nutrition and neuroscience, I provide passionate entrepreneurs with all the tools needed to realise a positive life change.



Unfortunately, the balance between the above brain areas is disturbed in most people. This has a lot to do with our modern society, where deadlines, e-mails, unhealthy food and social media are constantly screaming for our attention. This causes our ancient brain to receive more stimuli than it is capable of handling. Taking a break' is therefore not a structural solution in everyday practice.

With Brain Balance, I do offer a structural solution. Brain Balance means rearranging (also called conditioning or training) your brain. By rewiring and rebalancing your brain, as it were, it can more easily cope with external influences that would normally cause an imbalance in your life. With Brain Balance, it is possible to make major positive changes within 40 to 60 days.

Brain Balance is linked to a number of facets. Exercise, relaxation, stress management and brain food are important in this. Combining these aspects ensures that you will feel happier more quickly, that you will develop personally and that you will create a different mindset: a growth mindset. This is a mindset that everyone is born with. After all, as a child you already want to explore the world, develop and grow. You see opportunities everywhere!

Unfortunately, as people grow older, a fixed mindset takes its place. Through brain conditioning, education and experience, the idea arises that it is better to stay in one's own comfort zone and avoid fears. That is a pity, because without change, there is no growth. Developing a growth mindset is therefore crucial to getting a better grip on your life and achieving your dreams.

Finding balance in your brain and with it in your life is not always easy. Even more difficult is making the changes in your brain and behaviour structural. To help people like you realise this, I have developed the Golden Growth Model. This model consists of 6 clear steps that will enable you to achieve Brain Balance within 60 days.

The results are amazing: not only me, but also thousands of others have managed to give their lives a positive impulse thanks to her model. I regularly give lectures on Brain Balance, the workings of the brain and the Golden Growth Model at home and abroad. You can also read my books or follow The Golden Growth Academy® online course. 

For more information on the brain, nutrition, happiness, health and optimal functioning, keep an eye on my blog.

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